Sultan Movie in Trouble: Director not able to handle Salman Khan


Very few directors get the opportunity to work with Salman, especially when he is at the peak of his career. The actor too has become more choosy, so Ali must have been on cloud nine when Salman agreed to star in his magnum opus!

The director is finding it tough to work with the Salman. Everyone is aware that Salman is not the obedient type and so is very relaxed and chilled out on the sets of the film while Ali wants each and everything to be perfect. With the two people whose personalities are poles apart, there is bound to be some friction and therefore a lot of disagreements are taking place.

According to Spotboye, the filmmaker is finding it very difficult to get Salman to agree for retakes during the shoot. A similar complaint surfaced when Kabir Khan was shooting his blockbuster movie with Salman Khan, Ek Tha Tiger (2012). So right now Ali is apparently having a tough time to tame this actor, hopefully things get resolved soon for this is one film that everybody is eagerly waiting for!

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