‘Sultan’ 4 Days (Domestic+Overseas) and 5th Day Expected Report

Here is the list of total overseas+domestic collection report of Bollywood blockbuster movie of Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’, it is expected that by tomorrow noon the film will cross 200+ Crore at the Box Office.

Trade analyst have predicted that ‘Sultan’ is slowly moving towards 500+ Crore and will soon become all time blockbuster Bollywood movie.

Few days back ‘PK’ star Aamir Khan had said that ‘Sultan’ will surely break his film’s record.

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Sultan 1st Day Domestic Collection: Rs. 36.65 Crore.

Sultan 1st Day Overseas Opening Collection: Rs. 15.20 Crore.

Sultan 2nd Day Domestic Collection: Rs. 37.20 Crore.

Sultan 2nd Day Overseas Collection: Rs. 14.95 Crore.

Sultan 3rd Day Domestic Collection: Rs. 31.50 Crore.

Sultan 3rd Day Overseas Collection: Rs. 11.54 Crore.

Sultan 4th Day Domestic Collection: Rs. 38.75 Crore.

Sultan 4th Day Overseas Collection: Rs. 10.76 Crore.

Sultan Total Overseas+ Domestic till 4th Day : 196.55 Crore.

Sultan Expected 5th Day Domestic Collection: 40 Crore(expected), final outcome will be updated tomorrow.

Sultan Expected 5th Day Overseas Collection: 11.50 Crore.

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