Strange Facts about Akshay Kumar that is quite Interesting


Bollywood Akshay Kumar is tha super action Khiladi of the film industrt and its a true fact that he perform his stunts by his own risk that is quite difficult for other stars.

Take a look at some strange facts about Akshay Kumar that you might not know.

1.Akshay had worked as a Light Boy for photographer Jayesh Sheth for 18 months without payment to shoot his first portfolio.

2.During one such session working with Jayesh once he met Govinda who told him that he is a hero material and should try his luck.
3.Akshay was looted by dacoits of Chambal.

One of the crazy thing happened to Akshay Kumar was that once he was travelling between his route from Mumbai and Delhi. The train he was travelling in was robbed by the dacoits of Chambal. Just before boarding, he has shopped clothes for himself from the known fashion street of Mumbai .The bogey in which Akshay was travelling in, was robbed and everything possessed by the people was looted by the dacoits of Chambal.
4.From Being a waiter in Bangkok to ruling the film industry. Akshay’s life is full of fate changing moments.

Akshay said at The Anupam Kher Show, “While working in Bangkok i had three posters plastered in my room . One of Sylvester Stallone in Rocky ,one of Jackie Chan and the other of Sridevi. And today by God’s grace i’ve worked with all three of them.”