Sonam Kapoor Said Salman Khan Should Have His Own App


Sonam Kapoor is the first celebrity in Bollywood to launch her own app. Talking to reporters Sonam turns the interviewer and quizzes me about her app.

She said, “My friend Varun who I’ve known since I was very young came up with this idea of doing it the way we have done it. And I feel they have done an amazing job.”

“It happened about less than a year ago. The idea was initiated by Varun. All of a sudden, he decided that he wanted to do this and I loved the idea,” She added.

Adding more she said, “I feel it’s good to start a trend but it’s always difficult to start it because if you are the first to do that, you have nothing to look at as an example.

And the market is fairly new. Also, you have the distinct advantage of being the first as well which is really cool.”

When she was asked if any other Bollywood celebrities should have their own app, she said, “Salman Khan for sure! Because he’s fun and there are a lot of things going for him. There’s his charity, there’s him supporting different other causes. People just like watching what he does and his fans will go crazy knowing what Salman does throughout the day. It would be interesting! Then, Sachin Tendulkar should also have an app. I think he will be amazing.
But you know there’s one person I would love to see on social media. Sonia Gandhi! I wanna know what’s happening. She’s quite mysterious, no?”
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