Sonakshi Sinha’s reply on Salman’s ‘rape remark’ is really worthy


Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha gave a real and authentic reply to the ongoing controversy of Salman Khan‘s ‘Rape Remark‘ and actress feels that real issues should be considered rather than targeting Salman Khan on his comment.

Sonakshi Sinha told reporters here, “I think too much has already been said about it, there is too much of focus and attention already put on something that should not garner so much attention.”

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“There are a lot of instances where things are blown out of proportion and people are targeted and are picked on for no reason. Personally I always stand for what I feel is right,” she added.

Earlier when Priyanka Chopra too was asked the same question, she too stressed on the same matter, rather than making a mess of this topic, consider the present situation of women in this country.

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