Sona Mohapatra called Salman Khan’s fans ‘CHAMCHAS’ over his ‘rape’ comment!

When Salman Khan’s ‘rape’ comment has evolved into a huge controversy and outrage all over the nation, the lady with a brilliant voice gave fuel to fire with some of her tweets against Salman Khan’s ongoing controversy.

‘Ambarsariya’ singer Sona Mohapatra took to twitter and wrote, “Unfair!” after #InsensitiveSalman started trending on twitter following his comment on what his training for movie Sultan was like.”

One of Salman Khan’s fans replied to her comment, “I was in that room in #Mehboob waiting for my @BeingSalmanKhan @yrf radio interview to happen. he has been quoted out of context. Unfair!
— Hrishikesh Kannan (@HrishiKay) June 21, 2016.”

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This caught Sona’s attention as if she felt hurt and she replied, “Women thrashed,people run over,wild life massacred & yet #hero of the nation.’Unfair’.India full of such supporters
— #SonaLIVE (@sonamohapatra) June 21, 2016.”

Again Sona wrote, “last 4 who have written in amongst 100 others. Proves the kind of example their ‘hero’ has set.
— #SonaLIVE (@sonamohapatra) June 21, 2016.”

Saying Salman Khan’s fans as ‘CHAMCHAS’ she wrote, “Dear Bhai Chamcha’s,
You continue to prove my point with every perverted, sick, cheap message you write to me. HaHa
— #SonaLIVE (@sonamohapatra) June 21, 2016.”