Some of the Happy Moments of Pratyusha Banerjee


Its so sad that our beloved Pratyusha Baneerjee is no more and yesterday we saw her funeral. Its a murder or suicide nothing has been cleared yet as investigation is going on what is the actual reason behind of her taking such a big step. Pratyusha was a brave star and a daughter. As said by her close friends Pratyusha has always been determined and straight forward girl having no fear to face any problem. Every one is putting blame on her boyfriend Rahul who took her to the hospital but later on she was declared dead.

But when Rahul secretly took her mobile from the room where the dead body of Pratyusha was kept and he was seen eating chips outside, everyone is suspecting him that he might have deleted so many things from her mobile. Even also her neighbour as reported by is also an actor have heard so many times from people that Pratyusha and her boyfriend Rahul had arguments so many times.

Pratyusha was depressed as reported by her close friends. Lets hope her soul rest in peace but we also hope that she must get justice. Here the cinemaceleb entertainment team is presenting you some of the happy moments of the princess Pratyusha and hope where ever she may be now rest in peace.