Should Bollywood allow Pakistani Artists to work in Films or Not? Quora has the Answer


This is a Big debate going on in the current days that whether Bollywood should allow Pakistani artists to work in Indian films or not.. Many have their opinion in favour of this and many do not want at all.

Apart from that after the threatening call from MNS, the Pakistani artists had to leave the country and some Pakistani artists like Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan have condemned the Uri Attack too .

But the question arises that till how many days this ban will continue, its a never ending question but today from the social networking site ‘Quora’ we are going to show a debate that will altogether very complicated.

Adithya P (Quora User)

I value the lives lost fighting for India and I consider being mute about the lost lives is supporting the terrorist activities. I derive my opinion of justifying the ban on Pakistani actors for the same reason. The Indian Army are the ones who are protecting the Pakistani lives during the stay in India and denying to condemn the Uri terrorist attacks is indirectly supporting them. I would not support anybody who asks Pakistani’s to blame Pakistan as they are working in India but if they could not show their solidarity to their hosts by condemning the the attacks and they can call for peace from both sides. It would be welcomed by the Indians.

If the actors could not feel sorry for the lives lost do we need to still hang to “Athithi Devo bhava”. We need to treat our guests like Gods but I would not hesitate to punch a guest in his face if they try to disrespect my family. I’m a normal human. I’m no God to tolerate that. If we could not tolerate a guest disrespecting the one’s we love why do we need to respect the rights of someone to work in my country when they cannot feel sorry for the lives lost in Uri.

If they don’t feel for the fallen lives then they could forget getting my money in their pocket. They are welcome to have my money if they can feel the sorrow of the families who lost their loved ones in Uri.

Jennifer Hancock, Bollywood movie buff, have friends who won academy awards (Quora User)

As an outsider to this – it bothers me greatly. I understand the fear because of what has happened, but the solution isn’t to keep the 2 people apart. That never works.

All that does is convince the people sympathetic to terrorism that the terrorists are right.

American incarcerated Japanese during WWII. We rounded up and deported and tortured Muslims after 9–11. Neither of these acts made us any safer.

If an actor is not a terrorist suspect, then prohibiting them from acting, I think, does more harm then good. Unless there is some reason to be concerned for their safety in India, they should have been allowed to stay and act. I think this was a dangerous over-reaction which just exacerbates the us vs. them mentality that leads to terrorism in the first place.