Shorgul: Critics Review

The film is based on the innocent friendship between a Hindu boy Raghu (Anirudh Dave) and a Muslim girl Zainab (Suha Gezen) rapidly escalates into a political minefield, causing unrest and chaos in Uttar Pradesh.
Based on different critics, below is the review, take a look:

Rating: 1/5

On the plus side, the 132-minute movie has strong performances from most of its cast, especially Ashutosh Rana, whose subtle and winning turn is a welcome break from his screechy characterisations in the past, and Hiten Tejwani.

The town famous for its mango orchards is presented in Shorgul as a killing field.

Ranjit (Jimmy Shergill) is the dapper sunglasses-sporting demagogue from a political outfit that resembles the Bharatiya Janata Party. Ranjit’s love for whiskey and massages from underclad women do not prevent him from using the traditional route to election glory.

Ranjit badly wants to stir up religious violence and ruin the good name of community patriarch Chaudhary (Ashutosh Rana), a Gandhian figure whose personal integrity makes him immensely popular among Hindus and Muslims alike. Chaudhary manages to upstage Ranjit each time he tries to foment trouble, but a storm is brewing in his own home.


Rating: 1/5

The film starts with a scene where a man whose face is hidden in shawl delivers a gun to a girl.

Then suddenly an item song appears out of nowhere, where Hrishita Bhatt praises the quality of air, before the film switches back to the first girl. Got the idea? This is how haphazard this political drama is!

Anyways the plot is about how the friendship between a Hindu boy (Aniruddh Dave) and a Muslim girl, is used by political leaders (Jimmy Sheirgill and Narendra Jha) to fan a religious war. We get to hear dialogues that we last heard in Nana Patekar’s Krantiveer, characters get killed more than an entire Game of Thrones season and Sanjay Suri randomly pops up to intentionally whitewash a certain UP CM. In case you are not sure which CM I am referring to, Suri’s character’s name is Mithilesh.

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Rating: 1/5

Before Shorgul was released, it kicked up an interest. After all, it is centered on the communal riots that broke out in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar in 2013, one of the worst episodes of violence in the state. Some political parties and individuals were unhappy as the movie makes indirect yet obvious references to names that made headlines during the time.
However, despite an army of terrific actors, Shorgul comes off as a shallow attempt to dig deep into issues behind such uprisings.

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