SHOCKING: Varun Dhawan Lost 180 Crore Movie Deal Just Because Of Salman!



According to a report in, ”Varun Dhawan was on the verge of signing a Rs 180-crore deal with Star Network for six films. However, Salman Khan played spoilsport in the situation – his manager, to be precise. Salman and Varun are managed by the same talent company, which is helmed by Reshma Shetty.”

”Reshma agreed that Rs 180 Crores for six films, which amounts to Rs 30 Crores per film, is a great deal for the young actor. But she had a big reservation – Sallu’s current deal with the same network works out to Rs 50 crore per film,” the report stated.

The manager also questioned Star officials that how could they pay a superstar like Salman Khan only Rs 20 Crores more than Varun? As we all know, Salman is a much bigger star than Varun. Also, Reshma insisted that Salman’s films get the highest TRP’s when aired on the channel, the most recent case being Bajrangi Bhaijaan and they even bring in more advertisement revenue.

So Reshma Without thinking of a moment told the channel officials that she would only allow Varun’s deal when Salman Khan’s price is hiked.

Bad Luck for Varun Dhawan, this is not done!