SHOCKING! Shah Rukh Khan Married Gauri Khan Three Times?


Shah Rukh Khan is the star of whom there is no need of any introduction as he is one of the biggest stars of Bollywood and in terms of earning per film he too is at the top.

We usually see SRK romancing with the gorgeous actresses on screen but in real life he is much more romantic, today we want to share with you some very interesting facts which you might not know.

When Shah Rukh Khan first met Gauri Khan, he was 19 years old and Gauri 13 years, it was his first sight love with her.



From that their romance started and later he got married to her and now we see his two kids Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan have already grown up and his youngest son AbRam is still a kid.

Despite of opposition from both families due to religion differences they did court marriage in Delhi in the year 1991.

Very few people know the fact that Shah Rukh Khan has done marriage with Gauri Khan three times, first in Court just because if families oppose than law will prohibit their families from taking further action.

Then to Nikkah with Shah Rukh Khan Gauri changed her name to Ayesha and then on 25th October 1991, under the Hindu Marriage rituals, Shah Rukh Khan married to Gauri and with this Shah Rukh Khan married to Gauri Khan three times.


And also on 25th October 1991, Shah Rukh Khan celebrated the ‘Saalgirah’ with Gauri Khan.

Its been 25 Years after marriage their love blossomed and both are extremely happy and Gauri Khan has always been beside Shah Rukh Khan whatever may be, any obstacles both have faced.