SHOCKING: Rahul Raj Singh spotted partying with another woman!


The suicide of late Pratyusha Banerjee left the entire nation stunned and initially her bf Rahul Raj Singh was also under immense depression.

But the latest reports claim that he has moved on too soon, as its really shocking that few days back this man was saying that he will forever live alone and the latest snaps taken by Pinkvilla shows that he was partying with another unidentified woman at a posh club in Juhu.

The two were very comfortable with each other as if nothing has happened. The man who was in news for abetting the actress commit suicide was seen dancing with another woman.

You can clearly guess its too easy for Rahul Raj Singh to move on.

It was hard to accept that Pratyusha did suicide because the day she ended her life was All Fools Day, April 1 and when the news was later confirmed by her industry friends and the probe began why the actress committed suicide and who was behind it.

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You can clearly guess how cheap is this man and how cheap is his mentality.