SHOCKING! Rahul Raj Denies Pratyusha’s Pregnancy


In a shocking statement late TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s bf Rahul Raj when asked about the pregnancy of Pratyusha Banerjee he simply denied and told its all rubbish. Rahul Raj created all chaos when he was under treatment in the hospital and threatened to jump off the building.

Medical reports states that Pratyusha was pregnant and did abortion later. Rahul also told the media that he can’t believe that she is dead. In a statment about the debts Pratyusha was facing since long, “Bahut dino se EMI nhi diya hua tha. Saare paise unke maa baap ki taraf se handle hota tha. Inquiry mei pata chalega kya tha nahi tha.”

This case is all going twisted and more complicated after the reaction of Rahul Raj about the pregnancy and abortion deny to the media and to the medical reports that claims that Pratyusha was pregnant and later she did abortion.