SHOCKING: Parineeti Chopra Needs A Child Before Marriage!


The hot and glamorous actress Parineeti Chopra now wants to get married. Talking to reporters she said, “I am already 27, and wants to get married, i am slim trim and hot, although my cousin Priyanka is 32 and is not married till now but i don’t want to wait anymore.
If i get a rich and happy boy then i will get engaged at once and get married.”

Adding more Pari said. “He may not be a bollywood actors but will surely be the prince of my dreams, although after staying so many years in the foreign i have never found a perfect match for me.

My mother tongue is Hindi and i can speak Punjabi very well, Marathi i can speak.”

Taking to the reports of Jagaran while attending the party of ANRI Ajay Gupta’s son Kamal Gupta Parineeti saod, “before married i will adopt a child as my parents are also working on social service and are taking care of more than 200 orphan children.”