Shocking Facts about Tom Cruise That You would Definitely Like To Know


The Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise of the most popular and wanted actors in the world as well his killer looks have won many hearts.

But do you know some very rare facts about the actor that are hidden from many, this time you must definitely know some of the least known facts about Tom Cruise.

Check out the 10 least known facts about him as given below:


#1 Tom Cruise was bullied in all the 15 schools he attended in 14 years.

#2 Tom Cruise has immense sports spirit, when he was young, he use to play floor hockey but stopped that when he was injured and broken his front teeth!
#3 Tom Cruise bought his first bike when he was only 10 years old.

#4 When Tom Cruise was young he was mostly beaten by his father and almost all the time was saved by his mother.
#5 Most amaginzly Tom Cruise wanted to become a Priest but later changed his mind due to his parents.
#6 Tom Cruise was initially not interested in coming to Hollywood films but when he won the lead role in a High School Production of Guys and Dolls he later decided to make a try in Hollywood.

#7 Tom Cruise missed his high school graduation ceremony because he was busy in acting in a production Godspill.

#8 In 1998, Tom Cruise saved a woman being mugged in London by chasing the attackers away with his bodyguards.