SHOCKING: Ali Zafar wants Pakistani Movies to release in India


Pakistani Bollywood actor Ali Zafar who is going to produce a movie has made a statement that he wants Pakistani movies to release in India.

Ali Zafar feels that its a true fact that bollywood has an edge due to high technology and infrastructure. He said that in Pakistan also the competition is also raising and more well advanced movies are yet to come but will come soon.

He said, “feel that just like Indian films release in Pakistan, Pakistani movies should also release in India. I am sure people here will like them.” Gushing over the films made in his country, he adds, “Over the past few years, many movies have been made in Pakistan. And with the growing competition, the quality is bound to improve. I have met many talented directors and writers with some great ideas, and I want to work with them.”

After starting his career as a singer then acting, Ali is now hoping to direct movies also.