Shahid Kapoor on ‘Udta Punjab’ row: Now people should support the film

The ‘Udta Punjab’ is going on a phase of never ending struggle to save the film from the wrath of Censor Board and Shahid Kapoor has appealed the common men to come in support of the film.

In an exclusive interview with Times Of India Shahid said, “We live in the age of information and technology. Our generation and youth has the right to be informed. If they are not getting informed, then there is a problem. Youth has the right to know drugs are a menace. They have a right to know what can happen if they get into it whether it is the youth of Punjab, Maharashtra or whole of India.”

“We have to support the message delivered in the film. This film has become the face of a fight that has been going on for long. People should be given an opportunity to express. Let’s stick to what our country stands for and what everybody is trying to fight for,” he added.

The makers of the film has moved to Bombay High Court against the Censor Board and the hearing date is today. The movie will hit the cinema halls on 17th June 2016.

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