Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput to host a GRAND bash this Diwali!

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Mira Rajput’s family from Delhi is expected to join the couple as will his mother Neelima Azim and his younger brother Ishaan, father Pankaj Kapur with wife Supriya and their two children. Shahid, who has just returned from Sri Lanka from a brief holiday with Mira on Sunday, has been calling his friends to invite them over.

Shahid’s mother Neelima confirms, “This Diwali, like our usual ones, we will be lighting diyas, visiting each other’s homes and exchanging gifts. Diwali for us, is special family time. Shahid and Mira will come over during the day and will have a party on Diwali night which will be attended by close friends and family. Usually, we divide the parties between grown-ups and youngsters, but not this year. After some time, the grown-ups will take off and the youngsters will be left alone.” It’s also the first year she gets to spend Diwali with her daughter-in-law. “Yes. I’ll give her a gift too. But it’s not just on Diwali. I always give something or the other to Mira.”
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