Shah Rukh Khan’s superstardom bothers Gauri!


In a candid chat with a daily, Gauri opens up about what is it that bothers a star wife like her. “When headlines are only about Shah Rukh, I get upset. There is no value then to what I do. His achievements are his, and I have no part in them. I do what I do.” When asked how does it feel to be constantly under media gaze, Gauri brushes it aside saying, “I don’t have time to care. My life is too busy. I don’t read everything written about me.” She adds further, “But then who isn’t being written about? Who is spared? Everyone is being shredded.

Everyone has issues, and I am no different.”

Although Shah Rukh talks more about his kids, he does mention how Gauri is the reason their marriage is still going strong. His wife is not just a star wife anymore. She is a successful woman in her own right but it seems certain things about her husband’s superstardom bothers her.