Shah Rukh Khan Thought Of Skipping Award Functions! But When?



In a recent interview with Shah Rukh Khan the superstar revealed that during the initial days of his career, he use to skip award functions when he comes to know that he is not getting any awards. hah Rukh told IANS: “I have won more than 525 awards so I can’t question awards, in fact I like them. (But) I had a simple logic during the initial years of my career that I would not attend an award function if I was not going to win.”

Moreover he said, “I know I am not getting so I will not go.

But later I realised you have to show graciousness for having been awarded. So I made a rule that I will just perform when I am not getting an award. I see them as an evening out of celebration and there is no other reason.”

When he was asked whether hs took a risk of doing a different character in a film like FAN, he said, “For me it doesn’t make a difference at all. Nobody was in a phase of doing a film like Fan because that’s not a regular film that comes into your head. I am not the kind of actor who waits for the right script.

I have nothing to lose.”