Shah Rukh Khan talks about money, film, family

25 years ago Bollywood King Khan, Badshah, and so many popular names Shah Rukh Khan‘s life was simple with not much demands but now he is the superstar and his priorities have changed.

In a recent interview with the famous daily Huffington Post, Shah Rukh Khan opened about so many untold parts of his life and his new demands from life, his wishes and many more.

About Family Related Topics

Talking about his wife Gauri Khan Shah Rukh Khan said, “To be able to take that for so many years and be able to carve an identity and space for yourself is extremely difficult.

And Gauri has been great in making a space for herself in which she is not identified as Shah Rukh Khan’s wife. By not doubting, talking, or doing anything, she’s made her own identity and that takes a very large heart.”

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His Wishes & Demands From Films

He said, “As an actor, choosing the film that I want to do is the freedom that I should have. When you sit with a story, sometimes you just want to do it. Like I mentioned, sometimes I realise it’s not my world, but I get molded in that space only to see if I can pull it off.

Sometimes I fail; other times I succeed. The success doesn’t make me want to do the same thing again. Or the failure doesn’t want me to not do it ever again. Instead, it makes me want to do it all over again. Because that part has to be done. I can’t get it wrong.”

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His Priorities On Making Money

To this point Shah Rukh Khan said, “Now I say this to everyone: don’t be a philosopher or a teacher without being rich. Money is extremely important — earn it when you can.”