Shah Rukh Khan: Social Media Plays A Vital Role To Be In Touch With Fans



According to a report, published in, Superstar Shah Rukh Khan said, “Sometimes, I am amazed when I see people give so much importance to so many followers. Earlier it used to be how many tickets sold, the percentage of seats done, how many covers of magazine you came on or how many brands you endorse. Now it has become how many followers you have. There is a different standard of measuring.”

“It is a great place to bring things to your notice. I am a professional actor. I spend 16 hours on a set, in a way quite cut off from the world.

That way, social media allows you to be in touch. There are positives and negatives. I don’t think there is any pressure,” he added.

Adding more to his statement, he said, “Too many opinions are flying around. It is a habitual thing now. It has become second nature… like breathing. I have gone into a room where eight people have gone to meet each other and everyone is on their mobile phones.”