Shah Rukh Khan in an extremly hot scene! Watch this video


On November 2 Superstar Shah Rukh Khan will soon turn 50  and preparations are on to have a grand celebration. He deserves to be celebrated for bringing so much joy and mush in our lives through his films. Now, he is even trying out different cinema like Raees and Fan which will give all of us the taste of an SRK we haven’t seen for a long time now. But that’s not the point here.

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We are really glad that he is branching away from films like Happy New Year because this man can do a lot more than that. It is his increasing hotness that’s getting too difficult to handle. With age, he is only getting better and extremely hotter. We don’t know how he is doing that but whatever he is doing, that’s surely making us swoon over him more and more. And now we have a distinct feeling that he turning 50 is just a hoax. You don’t believe us? Check out this photoshoot video for the cover of a glossy. If this doesn’t leave you smitten, you aren’t his fan!

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