Shah Rukh Khan: I wanted Imtiaz to do a happy film


In Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali are close buddies though Shah Rukh Khan hasn’t done enough films with him.

Telling about how Imtiaz Ali is so close to him he said, “I know Imtiaz since several years, from the time he directed his first film. Strangely, whenever he makes a film, he comes to my house to narrate the story though I am not a part of its cast. He has always discussed his films with me as a friend and as a creative person.”

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Shah Rukh Khan also revealed that one day Imtiaz came to meet him and said, “Sir, aapke liye bhi ek film hai.”

Shah Rukh readily agreed to be a part of the film after listening to the script, to this he said, “I wanted him to do a happy film, since I am in that zone right now. And he had a film for me with a nice language of love. It keeps my age in mind, and is not a young upbeat love story. Imtiaz has a nice take on love.”

The leading actress in the film will be ‘Sultan’ actress Anuskha Sharma.

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