Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s Gerua song from Dilwale! 4 things to expect

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Shah Rukh Khan along with director Rohit Shetty and his co-stars Kajol, Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Varun Sharma, Johnny Lever a hosted a special screening where we got to watch the mind blowing Gerua song from Dilwale choreographed by Farah Khan acorss in Iceland.


Here are 10 things from the song that simply blew our heads off!

Stunning visuals
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The song is one of the most beautifully shot tracks of recent times. You can’t take your eyes off those majestic locales from Iceland. There is an international feel to the way the song has been choreographed and both Farah and Rohit have done an amazing job of capturing the elusive beauty of Iceland. Don’t be surprised if you see other filmmakers rushing to the country to shoot their forthcoming songs.

Shah Rukh-Kajol’s chemistry
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A lot has been written and talked about Shah Rukh and Kajol’s mesmerising chemistry. There is no one like them and this fact couldn’t be more true once you see the song. Think of Suraj Hua Madham and now amplify the magical chemistry they shared in that song ten fold! The minute he comes running towards her and they lock eyes, you are done! These two can set the screen on fire by simply playing a game of who blinks first. Absolutely killer chemistry.

Pritam’s melody
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The song will turn out to be one of the biggest hits on radio and the music charts. Pritam has composed a song that is not only melodious but it also stands the test of time. It has love, longing, innocence and shades of yearning for each other that has sort of become a signature pattern of a Pritam track. Also the best thing is that it doesn’t sound like any other Shah Rukh- Kajol track and that in itself in a huge achievement. You will be humming the chorus of this song for the rest of the next year!

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Mind blowing special effects!
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After Game of Thrones, if anyone else has captured Iceland beautifully then it is Rohit Shetty. The song has a lot of VFX and special effects that makes it stand apart from anything you have seen. However, the visuals are not over the top or jarring, there is a certain cohesiveness to the way the song has been conceptualised. In one shot Shah Rukh and Kajol are holding each other against the backdrop of a massive waterfall with a silhouette of a stunning rainbow. In another frame the are standing atop parts of a broken aeroplane with the sky glimmering with hues of neon and green. A real treat for you eyes!