Seth Rogen Jokes Orlando Bloom’s Nude paddleboard session says he will get better movie roles



Hollywood actor Seth Rogen who is often surrounds himself in contoversies is yet gave a controversial statement jocking at Orlando Bloom‘s nude paddleboard session saying that he will get better roles in movies after this act.

Earlier Orlando was completly unaware of some snappers who took his nude snap of his di** that went viral on the social media and later became a metter of buzz.


He was spotted with his girlfriend Katy Perry during a trip to Sardinia.


Seth Rogen in an interview with ‘The Sun’ said, ““I think the philosophy might be: ‘It’s a competitive market, I’m Orlando Bloom, I’ve been great for years but you know what, there are all these new kids out there — the Jamie Dornans of the world coming up — maybe I gotta show my d*** to make people remember Orlando Blooms is a f***ing OG.”

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