Sarbjit Movie Review- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan captures the grit and courage of a sister


‘Sarbjit’ is all about the struggle, courage and grit of a sister who left all her comforts to release her brother who will be in the jail of Pakistan.

Sarabjit character was nicely portrayed by Randeep Hooda, when Sarabjit accidentally lands on the other side of the border he was arrested by the Pakistani army and sent to jail.

He lands himself on a very unfortunate life that leads to the complete loss of happiness of his family. Sarabjit’s wife Daljit whose character was very well played by Richa Chadda did everything possible to release her husband.

Actually Sarabjit was beaten to death by his inmates in the jail of Pakistan. At a later stage, we see the rest of Sarabjit’s family joining in to carry out the candle light vigils and rallies to bring justice to the man.

This is the story deals with true heroism, determination and the true love of a sister towards her brother and the emotions of a wife towards her loving husband.

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The climax came in the story when Sarbjit’s wife delivers a striking dialogue in the second half after giving a series of paltry exchanges in the first half.

It is the story that the audiences will be bound to be glued to the story till the end. Its a worth watching movie after a long time.