Salman Khan’s ‘RAPED’ comments found supporters


Salman Khan is a man in Bollywood who never hesitate to express what in his mind and he never cares of the reactions of people on social media.

In an exclusive interview with a leading website Salman Khan expressed his pain he has gone through the rigorous training during the shoot of ‘Sultan’ said, “When I used to walk out of the ring, after the shoot, I used to feel like a raped woman. I couldn’t walk straight.”

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After this comment there is a rain of debate on twitter, some are against him and some are supporting him badly.

Here are some of the comments where some supports Salman’s comment and some oppose, take a look:

Pensacat: At least he’s not a virgin anymore. #SalmanRapeRemark

Prashant V. Singh: #SalmanRapeRemark: Dear @BeingSalmanKhan #SalmanKhan, don’t worry like #hitandrun, you will easily get away with #rape remark too! #sarcasm

Gita S. Kapoor: @BeingSalmanKhan Shocking that you have zero sensitivity. How can you forget there are ladies in your house #SalmanRapeRemark @TimesNow

SULTAN – EID 2016: #SalmanKhan always respect women & his statement is misquoted by media. Media is always in try 2 use Salman name to raise their channel TRP

Prof A G Iyer: #SalmanKhan Salman Khan’s “Rape Analogy” in an interview relating to Film “Sultan” exposes his ‘State of Mind’ & ‘Insensitivity to Women’.

Teo LoLstoy: Self righteous people, how many time have u said ‘Kohli literally raped the opposition bolwers today?” #SalmanKhan

Arun Chakraborty: #SalmanKhan Money will not give Salman a gentleman’s face. His words may. But he never learns