Salman Khan will never be in ‘Dhoom 4’- Here is the reason why

This is really a heartbreaking news for the fans of bollywood superstar Salman Khan that he will never in ‘Dhoom 4’ and there is a very complete reason for that what Salman Khan thinks.

Salman don’t want to do an anti-hero role in any film and in an exclusive interview with DNA he said, “I don’t like that genre at all. I don’t want to be a villain. I believe in entertaining the audience. I like playing the hero, a good man who’s memory people carry back home.”

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There was rumour that in ‘Dhoom 4‘ we will see our favourite hero Salman Khan doing amazng stunts on superbikes but with this confirmation, it has come to an end.

Why we are saying this, there is also a proof for this statement from Salman’s side and what he told, take a look:

“If Abhishek and Uday hire all of those people to come and catch me then perhaps I might but then the climax would be very unfair. With me in Dhoom 4, I would not run away or get killed like other people.”

This news has been confirmed by Catch News in an exclusive interviw with the Hunk.

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