Salman Khan to say Deepika Padukone in Bigg Boss 10 ‘Ab Toh Humare Saath Bhi Act Kar Lo’


Its is now finally confirmed that Deepika Padukone would be the first guest in Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 and we have a interesting conversation between the two stars.

It is well known to all that not only 1 time but 7 times the jodi of Salman and Deepika before being finalised for a film has been broken for some reason that we know already.

In the first episode of the show you will see Salman Khan saying Deepika Padukone, “Ab Toh Humare Saath Bhi Kaam Kar Lo.”


This clearly indicates that Salman Khan is willing to work with the hottie Deepika in a film but till now it has not happened.

Earlier Deepika Padukone had refused to work with Salman in ‘Sultan’, ‘Shuddhi’, ‘Tubelight’, ‘Kick’ ‘Dabangg’ and others…