Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, who is the best and how? Read Experts Opinion


This question may be very tricky as the three Khans of Bollywood film industry are the biggest stars and all three of them are very much prominent on their position.

But still than we must find out what the experts and the public think about their favourite stars and the stars who are the opponent to them.

Today we bring you some of the experts opinion that you must read as it has many things to know about Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan.
Naijal Han, Bollywood is one of the biggest film industries of India consisting of many guys(Quora User):

My favorite among the three khan `s is SRK.He is a real form of energy.Especially in stages he is superbly funny,energetic and enthusiastic.I think its very rare in the Indian film industry that we will find Shahrukh s kind of a person.His is so cute in behaviour.His sense of humour is up to the mark.His comic timing and counter are also superb.He is a pure human being also.Many people inside and outside the film praised and are fond of his sense of humour,energy and enthusiasm.
Niladri Chakrabarty, <Observer>(Quora User):

I think this kind of questions are demeaning to these people. Aamir, Salman & SRK are all achievers in their own way. They have huge fan base of their own and they very well know their audiences and cater accordingly. They have their own unique style of filmmaking and all of us, fan or not, should respect that. It’s meaningless to debate why one cannot make films like the other two or who is the best. All three are best in their own way.

P.S on a separate note I am a huge fan of Aamir and an avid follower of his work 🙂
Sarthak Miglani, XI Arts Student(Quora User):

Among The 3 Khans my Favorite Khan is:
Sharukh Khan for Romance
Amir Khan for Senciblity
Savita Bhabhi, Lover, Seducer, Submissive(Quora User):

Salman has good body.
Amir has good mind
Shahrukh has good style.
And Salman Khan for Action.
So these are my havorite KhanS.