Salman Khan Said,he should be DELETED from all the future award nominations!


At the recent Zee Cine Awards 2016, when he was asked if he was performing or accepting any award that night, he replied, “No, I have just come to see the award show. I feel really happy when others get awards. In my personal life, awards don’t matter, but I like the functions and the get together that follows. The whole industry comes together at such functions, many friends are busy with work these days, so we get a chance to meet at such awards and that feels nice.”

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This year many actors haven’t received awards due to stiff competition.

Reacting to this Salman said, “That’s why I say you should delete me from the competition. You should not keep me in these four nominees, as it will be unfair on the fifth person. We have been here for such a long time and to be nominated is just (makes a face). The younger generation should be given a chance. I can come and perform, attend shows, but I guess the younger generation should be given a better chance to win awards now.”