Salman Khan miffed with ‘Tubelight’ actress Zhu Zhu for revealing the story

Salman Khan and the entire team of upcoming Bollywood film ‘Tubelight‘ are upset as the leas actress Zhu Zhu has revealed the story of the film.

Recently the photo posted on social media by Zhu Zhu revealing that she is going play the lead role in the film has gone viral although immediately Zhu Zhu later removed the photo.

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As per the reports published in a leading daily, “They wanted to introduce her properly after the current shooting in Ladakh which goes on for another fortnight.

Zhu Zhu was immediately asked to remove her picture with Salman in Ladakh which she had so happily and innocently posted. In her defence, she didn’t mean to jump protocol because she didn’t know what the protocol was.”

Actually Zhu Zhu did it unknowingly, but still than it is a big matter of fact for the makers of ‘Tubelight.’

Reports suggests that with Zhu Zhu there will be another Indian actress but currently the team is entirely focused on the Ladakh shoot and after that they will decide whom to take.

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