Salman Khan May be preparing for marriage, Guess? view pics


Salman either comes up with a hilarious comeback to this question or simply ignores it. But his latest tweet gives us the hint that he actually might be taking the concept of marriage seriously and is preparing for it. Is he? Well no! Gatcha, din’t we? Salman is known for his unpredictable tweet and put forth yet another one where he praised a book by author Sakshi Salve. Check it out:



Interestingly, the name of the book is, ‘The Big Indian Wedding- The Ultimate Guide for Dummies.’ What a marvellous coincidence we say! Since Salman is obviously not experienced with the whole wedding, marriage deal, this book being in Salman’s shelf, makes perfect sense, eh? Salman has himself claimed that this book is a hoot and is way more fun than any other wedding. We wonder if it helped the Sultan actor with any wedding tips after all!