Salman Khan lifestyle, Wealth and his status of living details


Salman Khan is the Bollywood dabangg and a very generous star, you must be knowing the fact that out of his total income, Salman only utilises 10% on his own and the rest on charity.

Now coming to the next worth, we mean to say wealth of Salman Khan is over $250 Million, and he was voted the seventh best-looking man in the world by People magazine in 2004 which also voted him the best looking man in India for the year.

Salman Khan started a non-profit organization called ‘’Being Human: The Salman Khan Foundation” in July 2007.


In January 2012, Salman’s foundation offered to pay $72,400 to secure the release of 400 prisoners from various prisons in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

And now coming to some of the Unknown facts about Salman Khan, take a look: