Salman Khan Kept himself out of Anuskha Sharma & Virat Kohli’s break up Drama!


Salman has been in the eye of two major Bollywood love stories – one that of his ex-lover Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor and the other of his co-star. The otherwise outspoken Khan has refrained from indulging in any gossip or statements about either of these relationships. The actor we hear has a lot of regard for his co-star and has maintained a strict distance from any discussion on Anushka’s relationship matters.

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A source close to the actor revealed, “Salman has a lot of respect and admiration for Anushka. He has not yet broached the topic of her split and is in fact not even participating in any such talks on the sets.

Even if someone on the sets bring up Anushka-Virat‘s subject the Salman just walks away.”

Not so long ago we had revealed how Anushka is maintaining a dignified silence on her relationship. The actress has not spoken about her ex-beau forget about projecting him in a bad light. Anushka has immersed herself in her character and is working hard on Sultan.