Salman Khan is a huge SUPERSTAR with an even bigger heart: Swara Bhaskar


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Swara Bhaskar is now all set for her next film, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo to release and as she counts the days to the release, we talk to her about the film, her character and her experience with Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor.

First of all tell us a bit of your character and how does your role take the film forward?

The film is a family drama, you must have understood that from whatever you have seen but what is interesting about it is that it is sort of centred around a sibling rivalry. In that sense, I play a very pivotal role as I play Salman sir’s younger sister.

It is quite a central role and I am quite excited about it. It’s a very different role from what I have played till now. It’s also a different role from what you see in Rajshri films. My role is a multi-layered character than what you see in Rajshri women. It was quite challenging as I have never done this kind of role before. My earlier roles were very girly and down to earth sort of characters, but this girl is not like that, she is a nasty character. It’s been a while since I have played such a role, so it feels nice.


How was your experience working with Salman Khan and playing his sister in the film?

It was amazing. I was very nervous about working with Salman sir but he turned out to be a very nice person. He was very sweet to me and I had a lot fun with him on the sets. He is a really pleasant and jovial person to be on the sets as no one can get bored when he is around. He has great energy and of course he is a huge star, but he has a bigger heart. By meeting him I have realised why people who like him, stand by him. I have understood why people who love him, love him so much. It was also great to know the person he is behind so much stature and stardom. I am honoured to have worked with him.

Sonam and you were like sisters on the sets. How did you bond with each other?

I love Sonam. Sonam is a pal, she is someone I have worked with in Raanjhanaa and we became friends during that film. There was a gap in between, but I am thankful to Prem Ratan Dhan Payothat has helped our friendship grow. Sonam is a kind of person that the better you get to know her, the more you love her. She is genuinely a person with a golden heart. She is a great co-actor on the sets, she is not someone who gets insecure, bitchy, competitive in a stupid way, she doesn’t have starry tantrums like going for make-up, costume all the time. She is stunning the way she is. She is a positive person to have on the sets. It’s not good to have a negative person on the sets as it spoils everyone’s mood. But Sonam is not like that. We have a ball every time we meet. Sooraj sir wouldn’t want us to be together as we used to keep talking and chatting all the time. One day he caught us watching item numbers in the middle of an emotional scene. We were watching Madhuri Dixit’s item numbers and we turned around to see him standing behind us and smiling. We were like, “Sorry sir.” He then replied, “Ok. Now can we get back into the mood?” I was like “Yeah, sorry.”

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So you have had a bad experience with another actress on the sets of another film?

Let’s put it like this that I have had different sorts of experiences with different actresses.

People say Sooraj Barjatiya brings the best out of Salman. Do you feel that is true? And did he also get the best out of you?

I hope. I haven’t seen the best, so I don’t know about myself but I wish to do better than my best. But, yeah I definitely feel there is something special between Sooraj sir and Salman sir’s bonding and their being together, them working on a film together. They have such an amazing understanding, such a natural and organic vibe they share that you totally understand that those two are naturally gelled together. Their intentions are correct. They love each other so much that you know that whatever comes out from this jodi is going to amazing. I think that every actor has a potential to do best in every film and better in every film they do, so I don’t want to comment on what is Salman sir’s best and what is not, but there is no denying the fact that there is something special between them.