Salman Khan: I won’t go to Hollywood, they work very hard!

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Salman Khan has said he is not keen on trying for Hollywood due to the language factor and the fact that it will take time to establish a reputation there. In an IANS report, Salman was quoted as saying that, “I like to work in India a lot and I like to deliver dialogues in Hindi. Suddenly, after Hindi dialogues since so many years, if I say dialogues in English, it would look a bit weird on me.
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I’m very happy here,” Salman said when asked if he would be interested in Hollywood. “They (Hollywood) work extremely hard but we don’t need to work that hard here.

I’ll have to establish respect again and when I’m already receiving so much respect here then why? We work for respect, it’s taken so many years to earn respect here, so I don’t see any point,” the star said at a press meet for success of his film, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo .

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