Salman Khan: I will never allow to make a biopic on me

It is well known to everyone that many times Bollywood superstar Salman Khan made headlines for his comments and activities, it may be good or bad.

Regarding his biopic, Salman Khan thinks that a biopic on his life would be very boring.

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During a press conference he said, “See, my life is very boring aur boring life par koi biopic banti nahin hai. Meri biopic ke andar bahut sare log mar jaayenge yaar.”

Moreover Salman said that he would never allow anyone to make a biopic on him.

“I will never give permission to anyone to make a biopic on me because for that one will have to write it down and the only one who can write it down is me or my brothers or my sisters…that too at some bits. They also don’t know everything. And no actor can play my role,” he said.

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