Salman Khan: I should speak less now

Salman Khan’s ‘rape remark’ was made a big issue as starting from so many celebrities who went against his comment, some social organisations, NSW, Shiv Sena and so many others.

In a recent meet with the media, the 50 years old Salman said, “I will not take much time because nowadays the less I speak the better it is.”

During an interview with a popular website, Salman Khan compared himself with a ‘raped’ women and this resulted in the generation of a big issue.

The actor is yet to apologise for his comments despite many political parties and National Commission for Women (NCW) demanded a public apology for his rape remarks.

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While addressing the inauguration of the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards Salman Khan said that from now onwards he will speak less infront of the media as whetever he speaks is misinterpreted.

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