Salman Khan: I don’t know who is Arijit Singh

After the removal of Arijit Singh’s song from Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ a new controversy started when Salman Khan was asked about the ongoing controversy with Arijit Singh.

Salman said, “Arijit Singh!…. Whos that?, i don’t know who is Arijit Singh, is he any singer?”

On Saturday night Salman was with Anuskha Sharma to attend a press conference where he was asked about the reason why the song sung by Arijit Singh was removed from ‘Sultan.’

“In many films singers are rejected, its upto director and producer whom to select and whom to reject, its not my part and its also not the responsibility of any actor to select any singer for any film,” said Salman Khan.

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“Once a song sung by me was also rejected, so there is no need to get upset,” he added.

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