Salman Khan has made Bigg Boss sensible to watch, Said Neha Dhupia

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“People think as we are always in the limelight, so moving around with a camera is easier for us but it makes me very uncomfortable to have a camera on me all the time.” About superstar Salman Khan, who has hosted multiple seasons of the celebrity reality show, Neha said: “I think Salman is absolutely fantastic as a host. The way he talks to the contestants, he justifies the situations perfectly.

“I think he has made the show sensible to watch. In addition to that, his presence brings a huge amount of stardom to the show. ‘Bigg Boss‘ is perfect entertainment.” The
actress is now busy shooting for the new season of popular reality TV show Roadies and Supermodel 3.

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A former beauty queen, Neha made her debut in 2003 film Qayamat: City Under Threat. She rose to fame with her role in Julie and then appeared in Sheesha in the dual role of twin sisters but it did not do well at the box office.

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