Salman Khan 2002 hit-and-run case: Kamaal Khan claims he never said the actor was driving the car!



 Key witness in the case, singer and Salman’s close friend Kamaal Khan had gone absconding as per the reports. News reports suggested that Kamaal had given a statement, revealing that Salman was in fact, driving the car that night. But in an interview with a popular news channel recently, the singer rubbished the reports and stated that he never gave such a statement. “”Firstly, it came in the media that Kamaal Khan has given statement to the police that Salman Khan was driving the car. This is a total lie. I never gave any such statement,”claimed the singer.


Talking to about reports of him having vanished after the incident in 2002, Kamaal said,”Look, whatever I have heard about the case is through the media.
First, it was reported in media that Kamaal Khan has vanished. It is impossible, because my address and telephone number in the United Kingdom have remained unchanged for last 25 years. So I don’t understand, why these people are saying Kamaal Khan has vanished.” So did the prosecution try and contact him for the statement he made regarding Salman? “The prosecution did not call me, though I am here (in the UK) since 2008. Moreover, as to who was driving the car, the matter is right now sub judice, and it will not be right for me disclose now. I can this much only that I never gave the statement that Salman Khan was driving the car,”explained Kamaal.