Salim Khan Said He Is Happy His Son Is Promoting Sports And Not Alcohol Or Tobacco

Salim Khan Said

A few days ago Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan slammed Milkha Singh for his comments on Salman Khan as Goodwill Ambassador for Rio Olympics and now a statement came from him on his twitter account that is a full support for Salman.

Just take a look at what he said about his son Salman Khan when Salim Khan took to his twitter account and wrote something interesting:

Salim Khan [email protected]
and i am called unfair, arrogant and asked to apologise. “Oh lord forgive them for they know not what they do” – Jesus

Salim Khan [email protected]
Now first time i support him on my belief that what he is doing is right. Instead and alcohol or tobacco he is promoting sports.

Salim Khan [email protected]
WINDING UP. Salman has been in controversy for the last 25 years regularly. Not a single time i supported him. I was known as a fair person.