Salim Khan on Salman’s ‘Raped’ comment: Hang Salman Khan, that is the only thing left to do

Salim Khan- Hang Salman, this is the only way to do
Salman Khan has been in the ordeal of his ‘raped’ controversy that the media as well as so many bollywood celebrities have turned against him although he has already admitted that what he had said is wrong.

Its very clear from the audio tape he has already realised mistake what he has done. But still then some celebrities like Sona Mohapatra and Anurag Kashyap calls Salman Khan cheap and brainless.

Sona Mohapatra even called Salman fans as Chamchas, see her tweet:

But at this time of trouble so many Bollywood celebs have come forward to defend the actor.

In an exclusive interview with bollywoodlife, noted writer Salim Khan(father of Salman Khan), who has already apologised on behalf of him, but the controversy is still prevails at its peak.

He is very upset of what unfair things are happening to Salman Khan.

He said, “Why should Salman apologise or clarify? Where is the need to do that? Whatever is happening to him is really very unfair. Had he not been a celebrity, there would have been no issue at all. Now the only thing left to do is to hang Salman Khan, that is the only thing left to do. Media wants to create controversy, media has all the power and they are misusing their power. They want these kind of news to run their channels and newspapers. Look at Arnab Goswami, looks like today he is the most powerful man of the country, he was screaming his lungs out yesterday.”