Saif describes us as ‘crazy Italian mafia family’ Said Kareena


Unlike her contemporaries Kareena, loves discussing the Kapoor khandaan. “Saif describes us as a crazy, Italian mafia family. There are always 30 dishes on the table and everybody is focussed on the food and drinks. My family is the best thing in my life and no matter which part of the world I am, I will always make it to birthdays and anniversaries. I feel most grounded and connected, when my grandmother (Krishna Raj Kapoor) is around,” she smiles.

Most relationships in the industry are crumbling today. You wonder if happily married Kareena has found the key to what makes a marriage work? “There’s no formula. Sometimes after 20 years, a relationship just doesn’t work, you meet someone else and something just clicks,” she sighs, admitting that even though relationships and movies are discussed at family gatherings, it is a strict no-no on Bebo’s dining table. “We don’t only socialise with industry folk, in fact, we don’t even attend Bollywood parties or film screenings.”

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She has rejected over six scripts in the last three months, including Raj Kumar Gupta’s ‘Section 84’ in which she was to play a schizophrenic and Sanjay Gupta’s revenge-drama ‘Kaabil’ opposite Hrithik Roshan. “Yes, I have become choosy, I don’t want to do films back-to-back. I am not insecure, I’d rather go off on a holiday with Saif,” she says.

In R Balki’s quirky romcom, ‘Ki and Ka,’ she plays an ambitious career woman with a stay-at-home husband. She was holidaying in London when Arjun Kapoor called her and started talking about a new film he’d just signed. “I had watched ‘Cheeni Kum’ and ‘Paa’ and was extremely happy for him. A week later, Balki offered me the same film,” Kareena reminisces, admitting that she was initially unsure but halfway into the reading, she was on board. “We were like two kids on the sets and Balki would scold us, tell us to stop talking and laughing so he could shot.”