Rumour: Keith Sequeira’s ex-wife to enter the house!

With girlfriend Rochelle Maria Rao on one side and partner Mandana Karimi on the other, he is surely having a tough time. However, if gossip is to be believed then it is not just double trouble but triple trouble for Keith as his ex-wife Samyukta Singh has been apparently approached for the show. However, she has reportedly not given any confirmation to the makers.

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Samyukta Singh was married to Kieth for seven years. She and Keith were dating each other from 1999 if news reports are to be believed, which was even before he became a veejay.
She has acted in the film Salaami (1994) opposite Ayub Khan. While people might not remember the film, the song Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho was a chartbuster. She is the sister of Natasha Singh who acted in Dekh Bhai Dekh. Samyukta was in the news recently when she protested against the killing of stray dogs in Kerala.


The makers have approached her as they feel her presence will heighten the tension inside the house. The lady is however unsure about taking on the offer. If she does, it will come as a shocker for Keith and Rochelle. The couple are already having problems due to Mandana, who is behaving in a somewhat controlling manner towards Keith.


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