Richa Chadda Is Nervous Over Cabaret-WHY?


Richa Chadda Is Nervous Over Cabaret2

As the release date of Cabaret is nearing the bold and beautiful actress Richa Chadda is getting nervous but she said, “It is happening but in a good way.”

The Story is Cabaret is like this- A girl who begins her journey from a small village in Jharkhand and wants to make it big in the world of dance. Along with dance, the movie will also present a dose of love and romance.

In an email interview with the IANS Richa said, “Cabaret’ is my first typical commercial outing and I did it for the love of song and dance and as an experiment.

I am nervous about it, in a good way.”

Richa Chadda Is Nervous Over Cabaret1

She added more to this, “I think all actors want to be able to play diverse roles, hence I feel lucky. ‘Sarbjit’ is a sensitive subject, and deals with the life of a real person. I got an opportunity to again perform a challenging character and even though it was a serious film, I had fun during the filming and made great friends.”