Review Of Wedding Pullav Movie


The film’s music (Salim-Sulaiman) is the saving grace and boasts of two hummable songs in the form of ‘Party Karni Hai’ and ‘Oh Jaaniya’. On the other hand, the film’s background music (Rohit Kulkarni) leaves no impact on the audiences. The film’s cinematography (Gopal Shah) is decent. The film’s editing (Sayyed Sameer) is very clumsy and could have been better by leaps and bounds. The film’s poor script and screenplay, doubled up with sloppy editing lands up making a ‘khichdi’ of the dish called ‘WEDDING PULLAV’.

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Aditya and Anushka realise that they are actually in love with each other.
The two make a charming pair, but that’s not enough in this mishmash of an indigestible pullav. Rishi Kapoor plays a friendly hotel manager, but it seems like the director was so desperate to have him in the film that he tried to put him in scenes where he was not needed. He himself looks as uncomfortable as someone who’s been force-fed stale pullav for days together. With no distinct taste or flavour, this film makes for a huge disappointment.

Wedding Pullav appears to have been made by people high on cheap liquor. They believe that overkill works best. The rest of the world knows it doesn’t.Love
triangles click only when the actors in the key roles can make the audience believe that sweet nothings aren’t as vacuous as they sound.The leads of Wedding Pullav do not possess that power. They only make the film’s string of implausible scenes much worse than they already are.


Director:   Binod Pradhan

Producer: Shashi Ranjan, Anu Ranjan

Running time: 2h 3m

Music composed by:  Salim-Sulaiman

Anushka Ranjan as Anushka
Diganth Manchale as Aadi
Sonalli Sehgall as Rhea
Karan Grover as Jay
Rishi Kapoor as Luv Kapoor
Satish Kaushik
Himani Shivpuri as Gulabo
Parmeet Sethi
Upasana Singh
Kitu Gidwani
Tripta Lakhan Pai
Aru Verma
Neha Tomar