Revealed: Ranbir Kapoor was jealous of his Tamasha director Imtiaz Ali!


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The 33-year-old actor said Imtiaz wanted it to be a part of the film and he worked hard on getting the voice and nuances of the Bollywood legend right.“The Dev Anand imitation was a part of the script. Imtiaz wanted that because Ved and Tara meet in a place and they decide they are not going to tell each other what our names are, where we are from, let’s be different people so he becomes Don and she becomes Mona darling.

He becomes Dev Anand and she becomes a prostitute. It was fun doing that because Dev Anand is the king of romance and we did not want to make fun of him but pay a homage to him so it was fun doing.
I did a lot of classes from mimic artist because it is very hard to mimic those dialogues,” Ranbir said in an interview here.

Tamasha has been majorly shot in Corsica and the Barfi star said the whole team had a great time shooting in the island. The Rockstar actor also revealed that his co-star and ex-girlfriend Deepika has a fun side to her, which many people are not aware of.

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“If you get to know Deepika, and you get to speak to her at a fun time, she is somebody you can have a lot of fun with,” he said.

Ranbir shared that when Deepika and Imtiaz were working on 2009 romantic film Love Aaj Kal, Imtiaz used “cheap talks” to break the ice with the actress, who then came across as intimidating and reserved.

“Imtiaz told me when he was working with her on Love Aaj Kal, she came as very reserved and he was thinking, ‘How do I break into?’. One day I started talking really cheaply to her and she responded with a twinkle in her eye,” he said.